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  • Peter Bitz

All it's Hatched up to be

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When I first walked through the door at Hatch Advertising, I had no idea what to expect. Even just as an internship, I still felt a little intimidated while turning the handle.

I stepped inside and was immediately greeted kindly by smiles, and A/C. Instead of being bombarded with noise and a plethora of anxious deadlines, I was met by a quiet and calm environment, in a small office of 7 people.

I began to learn all that goes on within these walls. At first it felt like drinking through a fire hose, but once I had my bearings, I also began to see the heart behind this company.

As I learned about what each person does here, I got to know them. The more I asked questions, the more I came to realize that they are all family. The stories they share, all the smiles, laughter, communication; every interaction was shared as those between people who are deeply and genuinely connected.

The latte days, the jokes, the office traditions, the bonus's just to show appreciation, the teamwork, the camaraderie...Nothing escaped the warm, caring, and fun atmosphere that has been carefully cultivated here.

This is not just a business, but a collection of talented individuals working in tandem and making an incredible impact for our community and the companies they work with. I understand now why people choose to come to Hatch. Because it's about so much more than advertising.

Everything I thought this would be was completely different. And that's what sets Hatch Advertising apart; it maintains it's professional business practices while also being a family.

I have gained so much by being here these past couple months. I came in as just an intern learning the ways of suite 205A, and left feeling like part of the family.

This small office has a big heart. And I will miss it.

The Former Intern

Peter Bitz

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