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Engage Your Social Audience: 3 Ways to Utilize Instagram Polls

Have you used the poll feature on Instagram?

It's a fun tactic businesses can use to connect with their followers.

Here are 3 ways brands are using Polls to drive social media engagement:

This or That?

Would you prefer this or that? A or B?

Offer your customers a binary choice.

It makes them think and gives them an active voice in the conversation.

Plus, their responses are recorded for all to see.

Consider what kind of "this or that" choices exist for your customers. Experiment to see which strategies lend to better follower engagement.

Our example:

Sliding Poll

Offering a binary choice isn't always the best move. The sliding poll lets you ask a question that can be answered on a spectrum.

For example, you can ask: how much do you love this?

Frequent low-stakes, positive engagements from followers can strengthen customers' affinity towards the brand and effectively position the company to be top of mind when customers make purchasing decisions.

Our example:

Yes or No?

This is the most obvious and classic way to use polls.

Simply ask, "yes" or "no."

Consider adding nuanced details to your option set.

Our example:

Social media... I don't have time for that!

Social media management is a service we offer to clients.

If this is something you'd be interested in, please get in touch with us. We can help!

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