Some manufacturers reimburse retailers who advertise their products. In order to secure reimbursements, retailer must submit the proper paperwork. That's where we come in. We work to get co-op advertising reimbursement for our clients every day. 

A la Carte or Full Service, Hatch Advertising can handle all of the complexities of co-op. Whether you need someone to plan out a co-op’d campaign from start to finish, or simply need someone who has the patience and skills to process, document, follow up and follow through on your submissions - we can help you with that!

Despite co-op guidelines that are seemingly written to thwart the average retailer, we’ve successfully navigated the ever-changing and detailed demands of automotive co-op such as: Subaru, Kia, Volkswagen, General Motors, Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercedes-Benz. We’re also well-versed in retail co-op for Lennox, Daikin, and Golden Technologies. Our in-house co-op manager, Ariel, has a proven method to decipher any program’s guidelines, no matter how simple or involved. 

Our mission for each client's co-op campaign is simple: make retailer reimbursement as hassle-free and timely as possible.



Some manufacturers offer up to 100% reimbursement for advertising, which means you could have some of your advertisements PAID IN FULL!